Aug 15, 2009

Pari's cute little girl

Me and my husband supposedly would like to take a walk today. We took a look the weather last night before we went to sleep and we found out that it would be raining the whole day today so we decided just to stay home. This morning i got sms from a friend of mine "Pari" from Iraq and invited me to their house for a lunch.I went there in Pari's crib around 14.00. She was expecting also our other friend but due to raining so much, so she couldn't make it. Pari cooked lots of foods so since we're just two, we ate plenty as we could. (I was very full as usual)... She cooked Iraq food. (biryani, sweet beans, fried chicken, fresh vegetable salad and 2 other dishes which i didn't know the name and some sweet dessert.) I really like Iraq food...hmmmppp as in yummyAfter eating, we continued our conversations. We both spoke swedish since she cannot really understand plenty english. Of course while chatting, we're playing also with her 4½ months cute little girl Ninna who's very noisy and funny...hehehe

Tack for senast min kompis Pari. Jag ska komma hos dig igen kanske nästa vecka. Sköt om er och vi ses...


alfafriend001 said...

very cute baby :-)

Jenny said...

yes she is...cute and funny actually..hehehe