Aug 2, 2009


Why life is so complicated and unfair?

I watched the first anniversary episode of Philippine drama series of Maalaala mo kaya 18 years(MMK) last night and couldn't stop myself asking why life is unfair? The episode was tackling about poor life and having a lot of problems came on their way. The family background was about helper (maid). The family who couldn't even celebrate any occasions like Christmas and birthdays. A family who are struggling and working too hard just to find money for their family and a family who are hoping to have a good future in life.

There are lots of rich people and they're just spending their money in something that are useless and not important unlike a lot of poor people out there who are not eating right food and can't even eat 3x a day. Of course i understand also why rich people do that. It's their own money and they can do whatever they want.

But what good to poor families? They're always together, love and respect each other and have lots of faith in God. But of course there are rich people also who have those things.

Life is full of circumstance and trials that need to face and pass through.


alfafriend001 said...

Hi Jenny, fantastic post and a very complicated issue about which it could be a very long debate. But I will briefly say that I have nothing against the fact that someone is rich, on the contrary, I'd prefer that all people have at least a normal life, but I know that a lot of people who do not have enough for a normal life. Not a problem if someone has a great wealth, but the problem is in any way a person uses his wealth. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rich people who directly or indirectly affect the lives of other people and that in a negative sense. Rich people are easy to have an effect on everything in life, so they can very negatively affect the lives of other people. Money and material values are very much the price, unfortunately. Although I personally appreciate a lot more spiritual and lasting value, again I am compelled to spend lots of time to provide the material things needed for a normal life. Why this is so, why some people with a lot less time with much better conditions for life. I think that this is just because rich people have a very large impact on all fields of life and so, consciously or unconsciously, they bring other people in a worse position even than the one in which they were until then. Very little is valued justice and honesty, very few are thinking about it, especially in the circles of rich people, so we are very pleased that you put this post on your page.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the very long comment my friend. I do really understand what you mean and i will not agree or dis agree on anything. The important is we must value life even if we're rich or poor.

Thanks and good day

alfafriend001 said...

Of course my friend, I agree with your opinion, but that all prices lasting values of life, then the impact of rich people was positive to other people who are not rich. But today, most cost more tangible and fleeting values and as a consequence of such understanding of life comes to the negative influence of powerful people on those people who do not have the power and influence as the rich people :-)

Mom of Four said...

Wow! these comments are deep. Anyways, poor or rich, either or..they have their own rights of how to spend their money. I do know that most rich people worked hard for their money, others were born with silver spoon in their mouths.

You know what I notice though, most poor families have so many children. And rich couples only have 1 or 2. I think that's the fact of life. Of course it seems unfair, but come to think of it. If I know that I don't have enough means to support my family, I would not have so many kids, because who will suffer? the children. But, oh's how we live our lives. If we are not lucky today, maybe our kids will make a difference. It's the cycle of life. I was born poor, but my kids were born alright..and their kids will be born much better. You know what I mean? You don't have to agree or disagree..Just what I think..

Dhemz said...

hello sis, woi salamat sa suggestion mo I know where to see the show...hehehehe......:) thanks ulit...mwah!

salamat pala for leaving a comment...ingat!

alfafriend001 said...

hi mom of four, I agree with you, should not have a lot of children if they are unable to grow normally. I also agree that all people have the right to spend their money on things on what they want, but if this is in accordance with the moral and legal norms. However, there are some rules in life that should be followed. If the money is spent so that it does not affect the lives of other people that is totally ok, but there are a lot of examples in life that show that a lot of people spent money in such a manner that affects the way some other people, it is wrong. Their money and can eat it, and if they wish, or throw, but shall not affect other people in a negative way and should not impose their rules to another. I would most liked more that all people have the money for a normal life but it is not so, unfortunately.