Aug 21, 2009

study hard

Since i didn't have school today, i went to library and borrows some books. I really want to focus and study hard this term because i want to finish my schooling the sooner the better.

As of now, i have my 2 "sure" subjects. I mean i have my English and Mathematics subjects that i am registered but unfortunately the most important one which is the SAS A (Swedish subject) still i don't have any news if i can have it or not. grrrr...when i can have the result?

But never mine as of now. Since i don't have yet my SAS A subject, so i focus and try to study hard as i can on my Mathematics. I'm very much poor when it comes to math and gossshhh i can call myself "dull" when it comes to it.hehehe... As my husband told me, math or numbers are on our everyday living. Life is using numbers...which is true.

As of now, I'm really trying to understand get the technique of Swedish mathematics. Good luck to me and my studies.


alfafriend001 said...

I wish you good luck my friend .....:-)

Jenny said...

thanks my hard to earn succes