Aug 30, 2009

camera site

We have 2 pieces digital camera but i want another one. It's not because i don't like our cameras now but i want a big camera. We use to travel different places and for me bigger camera is more better quality of pictures.

We are planning to travel to Hawaii this year and i want to use the bigger camera. But since bigger camera meaning it will be heavier also so my husband told me that it's better to just barrow or rent in some stores in Hawaii. He knew himself that there is a store in Hawaii where we can just rent the camera.

He helped me searched the site of the store and at last we found this Honolulu Camera Store that will be the perfect store for us to rent the camera that i want. Also in this store, they have many different cameras for us to choose what we want to have.

I am excited to barrow cameras from them and take many pictures as i can.


alfafriend001 said...

very nice information ... thanks my friend

Jenny said...

you're welcome...