Aug 29, 2009


It's just a supposedly normal day to me and my husband. We woke up 10.00am due to we went to bed late last night. He went to bed 23.00 and me was 1.00am.
We ate our lunch in an pasta buffet restaurant in the City. After our lunch we just supposedly take a walk but as usual we end up in a store. And not only as store but it was an appliances store and was little bit expensive. After almost half an hour inside the store, my husband bought a new CD player.

This player is almost the same as we have now (as you can see in the picture) but the different is, it's mp3 player. We was looking this player on the Internet for a quite long time and really wanted to buy it. So here it is now, he bought it and we have it now at home.

Here is our new MP3 CD player.


Dhemz said...

wa bonga...hehehe..doble doble na ang appliances nyo sis...heheheh!

Jenny said...

bongga ka diyan..kalat na nga eh..hehehe