Aug 31, 2009

happy birthday

Today is the 35 birthday of my very good friend Janet or tejan of INSIGHTS. She is celebrating it with her family and some other friends. As she said she have a big family so she must prepare many spring rolls (stackars du). Her family adore and love her rolls so she must prepare it.To you our dear friend, you know that God gave you what you want and you're thankful for all of that.Just keep smiling, always happy and good person as you are and don't forget that you can count on me and Shy if you will need us. (NO money matter, hahaha)... I wish you all the best and another baby "soon".

Happy birthday and hope you have a good one.


David Funk said...

Wow, I didn't know our friend Janet had a birthday today, too. I'll post about this shortly on my blog since she's always been a great and supporting friend to me, too!

Thanks Jenny!

teJan said...

HeHE, thanks so much dear jenny;) Sa sunday ha ari mo ni shy;) you can bring your partners if its ok for them! mmmwaaah! thanks again! This is so sweet and so kind!