Aug 13, 2009

unexpected score

Today was the first day of my school. Actually not really starting day. It was just, we had a tests and little introduction of our subjects.

My first tests was absolutely ok and was very easy. It was absolutely no problem and i got the slot that i applied for the said subject. Our first test was before lunch and it took only few minutes for me to finish it.
After our test, me and Shy ate our lunch and relax while waiting our next test. While relaxing, we took some pictures (of course).Before our next test started, gosshh i was very nervous because i knew myself it won't be that easy as the first one. As i was expecting, i didn't have the best scores that i was really wanting. Instead i got lower to the passing score. huhuhu... It was very difficult and i've never seen that kind of numbers before. (Math test). BUt atleast i tried myself and got schedule to start on monday.

It has been a tough day but at least everything went well. I will just wish myself good luck for my schooling which will officially start on tuesday.


S-H-Y said...

Wah mgkasama na nmn tau :P close na talga tau as in hahahaha. Anyway thanks for the nice ompany earlier.

alfafriend001 said...

I wish you much success in school my friend

laikka said...

heheh.. i'm proud of you both! See yah on monday! skol bukol na naman!

David Funk said...

As always, I wish you well with school my dear friend!

Love the adorable photos of you and S-H-Y, too!:)

Dhemz said...

woi, magkasama pala kau ni madam shy...hehehhe....glad to know! good luck on your studies sis...what program are you pursuing?

I'll be going to school on the 3rd week of this month.....planning to get into the nursing program...good luck!

Jenny said...

Shy- ito na talaga sinasabi natin na close as in close to the max na tayo nito..hehehe

Alfafriend - thanks Zvonko for the good luck words

Laikka - kompis mayube classmate din tayo sa isa kong subject. vi få se..

David Funk - Thanks my friend. Do you notice how camera addict we are?hehehe

dhemz - as in magkasama at magkaibigan kami niyan..heheh thanks for the good luck. Im planning to continue as a teacher thats why my ganyan kaming subjects now. Kaloka mahirap pala..ahhah

Thanks to all my friends... good day all