Aug 17, 2009


Surpriseeee... i have an award again...hehehe Actually it's not really a surprise because as usual my very good friend and loyal visitor David Funk gave me this Humane Blog award.

When i have an award, it will not be from someone else but no other than David. He is a loyal giving bodies..hehehe. Thanks Dave for all the awards, good words or comments that you left in almost all my posts and for the daily visit.

Take care always and enjoy your day.
Do you have this award already or not yet? So what are you waiting for, grab it now!!!...


alfafriend001 said...

Recently, the awards are very frequent hehe ..... a lot of time I have a separation between them, but I will take this and when my time to allow, for you and appreciate your friends, nice greetings my friend

David Funk said...

Yes, I pass you awards all the time, but that only means I get a lot of them to be able to give them to you and others. More people are friends of yours on here now than before, too.

Thanks for posting and for being a kind friend to me!

Jenny said...

Thanks both of you my friend for the comments..good day