Aug 12, 2009

safety mail boxes

Some posts or emails are really important documents that need to be safe and secure too, so it will be very good to have a secure and safe delivering place for it. We have our own door mail box now but we wanted to change it into visible and secure box. Before, we can't have the mail box that we wanted because it will be disturbing to our next neighbor door.

But my husband asked and talked to our apartment management if it is possible to put our own box outside our door. He even showed different choices of mail boxes for them to choose what will be the fit one. After looking for the boxes, they have chosen the perfect and it will not be disturbing to our neighbor's door.

Before my husband went and talked to them, we looked through Internet what will be the best and fit mail boxes for our apartment. We found different mail boxes and different sizes as well. The box that we really wanted and like is the box also that the apartment management have been chosen to put.

This will be more convenient and secure for our incoming mails.

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