Aug 7, 2009

was still a busy day

As i posted yesterday, we've been very busy and our bodies aching due to carrying too much. Today was still very busy but at least we didn't carry too much heavy.

I was about to fix this morning our new bed "alone", but my husband told me before he left to work that "don't ever never fix the bed alone".hehehe. I was thinking that fixing our bed was just easy as when i fixed my shoes shelf but i was wrong.

Directly when my husband came home from work, we started to fix the bed and gossshhh seems so difficult even we're two already.
After half an hour of fixing, at last our bed is standing still and looks very beautiful. Tomorrow, i will fix the other things and no need help from my husband, (maybe little). I can do it myself and I'm sure i can fix it very well like a man...hahahaha. Good luck to me.


S-H-Y said...

d ko kaya inegnor, mali ang nalagyan mo ng comment noh, nasa baba ng award a post ko..tingnan mo pa :P.

Imelda said...

wow handywoman, superwoman and all. ur such a hands on mom.

Jenny said...

Imelda - i am all around girl but unfortunately not a mom..huhuh!!!

Thanks for the comments my friend..

alfafriend001 said...

Congratulations my friend for your article, I agree with what she said Imelda-you are superwomen .. :-), Only need to wait whether to pass a test bed hehehe .... I hope that they will not fall as my bed hahaha...:-)