Aug 13, 2009

happy birthday

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday..... happy... you... I'm just singing for my brother's birthday.

Today is the birthday of my brother Dante who's currently working in Kuwait. He's turning 32 today and still single and available. He's working in Kuwait for almost 2 years now and so far he likes it. Even sometime he's complaining due to long hour of works. HE is working there as waiter, bar attendant and sometimes cashier. He is eager to work abroad to help our family and to save for his future family (when can that be?heheh).
He's my second brother from my older side. (I'm the middle child so i have brothers older than me and younger than me)... A brother of mine who give everything he can to the girl that he loves most but unfortunately, sometimes ends up nothing.

I wish you all the best bro. As i told you, right girl comes in right time. Or maybe you met her and loved her already but she's gone...but then suddenly, she will be back in your arms again. I think you know who i mean. Don't get too much involve to everything that girls want from you because maybe it will end up heart broken (again)...
Take care always and hope all you dreams and wishes comes true. You know that whatever your decisions to make, we'll always be behind you. Support you and be with you all the way. Take care always and I love you. Happy birthday...enjoy your day.


Jenny0323 said...

Happy Birthday sa imong Igsoon!

Jenny said...

Thanks Jenny. I will tell him... Good day

alfafriend001 said...

happy birthday with a small delay

Jenny said...

it's better late than nothing my friend..thanks much. i will tell my bro about all your greetings