Aug 12, 2009

hate them

One thing that my husband really hate are the fleas.

I really wanted to have dogs at home but my husband didn't like to have even just one. He said that if we can have dog, we can have fleas as well.

Due to my eagerness to have dogs, i searched the net on how to kill fleas. I found this best way to kill fleas site that can help me about avoiding and killing flea.

I hope that my husband will buy even just one dog soon.


alfafriend001 said...

Your husband is right, fleas are very paraziti mess, but one should not exaggerate, because today there is a very effective weapon against fleas, only to be careful during the election that these funds against fleas are not harmful to humans and warm-blooded animals, I have 2 dogs and a lot of domestic animals and poultry, but I have no problem with fleas since I use NEOPITROID (weapon against all types of small parasites with an extended action up to 7 days), this tool is in the form of fine powder and is not toxic to warm-blooded animals, every 7 days, it is necessary to put a new dose of an asset.

Jenny said...

really? wow i want that also because i like dogs..heheh

alfafriend001 said...

that really, "NEOPITROID" is very good and practical, because the asset is in the form of fine powder and it is enough sprinkle some areas in the vicinity of some animals stay (normally is sprinkled with one surface that animals do not come in contact or with whom the minor comes in contact), what then happens? Simple is the process of protection, fleas and other Parasites come in contact with the powder of NEOPITROID and they do not die at the moment but one part of the powder carry with them in their hiding place and lay down, so a massive and efficient destruction of (the destruction). NEOPITROID is steady and light, and in damp places and so it's very practical and efficient. It takes 7 days after re-sow a new powder, and that's all ....:-)