Aug 18, 2009

Halloween customes

For me myself, the most exciting customes party or event is the Halloween. It's not because of plenty different weird customes and so on but there are also lots of scariest creatures i could ever see. I like when seems lots of blood in their faces and clothes, or look devil, witch or look angel. I like it because no need to fix yourself to be pretty as you could but just puts the best Costumes that very much fit to the said occasion, the Halloween.
Personally i like to have a vampire customes. It sounds for me very challenging and scary. At the same time, i like it because it will change into pretty and when its full moon it will turn into scary. Also vampires wear sexy clothes. I want to call myself as Sexy and beautiful vampire..hehehehe.


alfafriend001 said...

it is certainly very interesting and unique experience .... mmmm .....

Jenny said...

yes it is...and also exciting to do it..hehehe