Aug 24, 2009

much studies and harvests

I have 2 subjects today in school but due to my irregular schedule, i stayed there the whole school time. My English was 9 to 12 (every Monday) and my mathematics was 13.30 to 15.30.

We just started our normal class today in our English so since it was just started, our teacher spoke Swedish instead English. But she promised to be all English the next meeting. I was little bit shy because almost all of my classmates are Swedish and just me and my other filipina friend who are foreigners. But still we managed ourselves to be confident until the end of our class today. And i managed to wrote our first writing test. It was so easy actually.hehehe

13.30 was our mathematics and gossshhh i have headache because of it. I started to get the Swedish mathematics technique and seems easier now that i couldn't imagine. I hope i can manage to pass these two major subjects of mine for be to become a teacher (förskollöare) "someday".

My school word: Plant much studies that i may gather much harvests.


alfafriend001 said...

I believe in your success my friend

Willyo Alsyah P.Pratama said...

continue the spirit, do not give up .. I'm sure you'll succeed. I pray for you.

Jenny said...

Thank you so much guys for incouring me about my studies. i cross my finger about this schooling of mine..thanks