Aug 10, 2009

unfortunately i didn't buy

It seems very boring now a days. My school don't start yet and I'm just at home doing nothing. So today i have decided to take a little walk. I've been to some stores and looked some clothes. I like some and wanted to buy but unfortunately i changed my mind the last minute. I was almost in the cashier and about to pay but i thought that i didn't need the clothes. The clothes was just i want, i didn't really need it.

Of course it's really fun and excited to go on shopping but then i will think first many times before i will buy something. The things that i want to buy is needed or i just wanted???...hmmppp. And of course it depends also the price. It's perfect to go on shopping at the end of the season because it's plenty sale... Think of the budget..hahaha. (kuripot)

My school will start on Thursdays so at least i have something to do everyday.


alfafriend001 said...

very smart strategy for shopping

Jenny said...

thanks my friend...i am like that..hahaha

Weng Forsgren said...

Hello Jen,

Your right then, its fun to go shopping lalo na if there are many sales. I often shop during sales specially this time of crisis kinakailangan talaga ang pagiging kuripot hehe. And esp. if we only have small income or nothing at all.
I think pareho tayo we always think of our budget.

anyway Sorry, If i haven't noticed na nag cocomment ka pala some of my post. I don't know bakit nakalimotan ko :):) I always approved all the comments left before it published.
Daghan cguro ang naa sa akong utok maong di na kahinomdom hehe.Sus ginoo.

Btw about our stolen bicycle. NO, we cannot afford to buy new ones but we maybe second hand. Ok na yon para pag manakaw uli ok lang.

Happy summer, init pa ba diha?