Dec 10, 2009

gifts for them

I don't really know how many grown up cousins and nephew I have now. I just met some and know their names but on my father side, I didn't have the opportunity to meet them all due to long way travel from where we live.

Just lately, I had a chance to contact some of my father side’s cousins and nephews and they are all studying. I'm proud to say that they are all in good grades and they really tried their best to pass all the exams.

As a gift to them, I am planning to buy some things that they never had before. The
digital-camera-digital-laptops will be the perfect gift to them. I'm sure they will be very happy to have it. And to be fair I am planning to give to those who are little bit young a cheap laptops toys. As of now I am already choosing different toys from different toys-shop.

To those who are teenager also, I am planning to give them a little bit
price comparison for both girls and boys. There are lots of latest laptops, perfume or even sexy lingerie for them. All I need to do is to know them better and try my best to choose the best and fit gift to them.

Besides of giving my father sides relative’s gifts of course I will give also to my two nephews an XBox 360
as a Christmas gift to them.

I hope they will like and appreciate my coming gifts to them. It will be just my simple sharing of my blessings.

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