Dec 11, 2009

comfortable and helpful

My husband's auntie is getting older and seems very difficult to move and do the common thing that she usually does. Before Christmas, me and my husband, my sister in law and her husband will visit them. We usual visit them in a group or more than two people because they live little bit far from us. So if we visit them as many as we can, it will be fun, exciting and less expenses.

It will take at least two hours drive to where my husband's auntie's family is living. So we always start to drive as early as we can so that we can be home before it's too dark.

Since we are planning to visit them before Christmas, we are also planning to buy a gift that will be useful to both olds person. My husband's auntie is turning 85 and her husband is 90 so things that will help them to feel comfortable or can help them relax in while will be a best gift.

So we are planning to give them comfortable and very helpful
lift recliners chairs for them to use it when they're relaxing. We know that they have chair but it's not reclining.

We hope they will be happy for our gift and we hope that it will help them.

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Andrea said...

What an awesome gift for each of them. I am sure they will love them.
Blessings, andrea