Dec 11, 2009

crispy pata

Missing Filipino food is always part of those who are out of the country, Philippines. I am one of those who are missing very much Filipino food. Of course I can cook some Filipino foods here in Sweden but it's not the same perfect taste as Philippine ingredients.
Last week me and my husband trying to find pork bones or legs so that I could make pork soup but unfortunately we didn't find what we wanted to buy. Instead we found a prok legs for crispy pata.

My husband ate crispy pata few times when he was in Philippines and he even ate lechon when we were in my province last summer. So we bought the pork legs and put it in the freezer. Just a while ago, I did fry it and it turns to a perfect crispy pata.

We are still eating our crispy pata and for sure there will be no tomorrow for this pata. hehehe... I can eat it all... Happy weekend every one.


Janmah said...

weeeee...kalami..heheh! patatim raman ako natikman gahapon..heheh! panalin oi!

Misalyn said...

nakakagutom naman...tsalap, tsalap tsalap ( with matching drooling saliva heehehe).

Happy weekend.

Wengss said...

hala kalami ani brown jud xa.Hawod man diay ka magluto.
hm lechon hubby like that too. naglechon sad me last xmas sa pinas.crispy lagi hehe.Na miss napod nako ang lechon paksiw.