Dec 9, 2009

photo effects

Since I don't have school today, I am just on my laptop and surf the net. I like it because through internet, there are lots of exciting and fun sites where I can learn different way of personalizing things.

Just a while ago, I found a site where I can personalize my photos. This site is the perfect site where I can make
online photo frames of my different photos. I love to fix my photos and make it into different effect and background.
Funny Pictures

This site has different photo effect online and in just a minute I did a very amazing effect of my photos. I love it because in this site also they have lots of effects that they make everyday so you can just choose what you want and make a beautiful photo frames.

As you can see on my personalized photos, I have that very beautiful and amazing
photo frame templates that I like. I choose that 3 photo frames because I could put 3 pictures. But if I want also 4, it is possible to do it also.

I found it very interesting and since I will not be with my family this coming Christmas, one way of sharing my Christmas with them will be personalizing our family photos and send to them. It will not be expensive material things but for sure my family will love and like it. It will be a good emotional gift to them and I hope they can feel my presence even if I just personalize our family photos.


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