Dec 1, 2009

Couple's Corner # 8: kiss and make up

Its meme time again and for sure lots of us waiting this. Couple’s Corner is what I always waiting every week. Actually this meme is every Wednesday but the author RodLiz, used to write in advance so I used to write in advance also...hehehe

Rodliz’s Nest

Wow I love this topic and for sure many couple's love this also.

Kiss and make up is very interesting. As I said to my last post about misunderstanding, my husband is just quite when he knows that I’m mad or don't want to talk to him.

Sometimes if my husband said something to me that made me hurt or felt bad, I just left him and went to our bedroom. There I would cry and would never talk to him for few hours. He's a kind of husband that will never give up asking until he will find out why I am that or this. He keeps on asking that make me madder and shout on him sometimes. After shouting on him, I felt very bad myself and repent for doing those stupid things.

He's not a husband who will give me peace of offering if he knows that I’m mad at him. Nor he will not buy flowers or chocolates. He will just talk to me slowly and ask me "är du arg" (are you angry)? So even if I am, I will just say "NO"...hehehe

As I said to misunderstanding post, he will just kiss and hug me then everything will be back to normal. I think it's really like that. I love my husband and even if I got hurt of what he said, his kisses and hugs will gone all my angriness to him and everything will be fine.

Happy meme everyone.


pehpot said...

my husband is like that too. he would ever stop until I say it's OK or when I kiss him back :)

Mom of Four said...

Pareho pala tayo eh, maarte rin. my hubby is the same way, he would bug me and follow me everywhere to ask me if I was mad at him, and of course I would say no, but he can feel the sharp tone in my voice, ehehehe. When he tells me he loves me, and I don't answer him back, he knows then that I am really mad. Magluluto na yan ng kung anu ano, or he would ask me if I want to go to a chinese buffet, ahahaha..kaasar, galit ka pa eh sinusuyo ka na, di wari hintayin munang mawala ang inis ko..

shydub said...

Ang dali lng pala ng mga misunderstanding ninyo sis, kasi you both understand each other. bait din ng hubby mo, to really prusue you to kiss and make up. Kami rin hindi uso ang flower or chocolate for kiss and make up. pagkain ang gusto ko hehehe. Thanks for sharing. mine is up too.

Clarissa said...

Awww..sweet!!I love the detailed kiss and make up story of yours,Jenny!So lucky of you for having a husband like him!Peace offering??Never heard of that!!LOL!!

sweet_shelo said...

ohhhhh that's sweet sis.. Dapat nga ganyan talaga tau with our hubby or our hubby with us.. kiss lang katapat nuh? hehe

Late entry to sis;

anne said...

hehehe I love the chocolates and flowers ah, nice gift would that be especially when u dont want to talk to your hubby. mine is up here it is thanks