Dec 19, 2009

still minus degree

It's our bonding day today and as usual we did our Saturday walked.

When I woke up today, I felt very lazy and seems didn't want to get up from our bed. I was freezing and wanted to sleep more but unfortunately I couldn't because we had time to do our laundry at 12 noon. We were trying to wash earlier but the one who wash before us still wasn't done yet so we must wait until our time.

We went to the city and ate Pasta lunch buffet. We usually do it every weekend. I got very full so we decided to take a walk in the mall. Gossshhhh people are everywhere busy buying, walking, eating and a lot more. That was my first time seeing those floods of people...huh!!!

We wasn't able to wait for our turn to pay the small things that I supposedly want to buy, so instead we went out from the mall and went to the grocery store. It was plenty people as well but we must buy some stuff that we need at home so we were in the line for atleast 10 minutes.
Anyway, today is still minus degree and it will be minus degree for few more days. I took a picture in a lake near our house. Its icing and the ducks and birds couldn’t swim. Poor of them…huhuhuhu

Happy weekend everyone and take care.


Andrea said...

We are covered with a blanket of snow (about 6 inches) with more coming down. It is beautiful.

I love this picture you posted.


Risma Hutabarat said...

Why can't we have snow here in Indonesia? huhuhu... send me snow, Jen. A lot of snow. Lol