Dec 12, 2009

helpful lifter

When I was in my second term of schooling here in Sweden, I had a chance to do my practicum or my on job training in one of the elder’s home. I thought it would be very difficult for me to have my OJT there because I thought that I must carry them every time they will do or need something or I thought I would use lots of strength to help them but I was wrong.

In my first week, my hand leader showed me on how to use their entire machine for the old persons. They house was 5 stories and every now and then we must or we need to go to different story for the older activities.

At first I was very much innocent on how to use their
stair lifts because I haven’t use it or see it before. I was so stupid of trying my best to help one man to go up. I thought it was so difficult but when someone showed to me, gosh it was easy as it was.

That lifter was very useful to those elder people who couldn’t manage to go upstairs alone. At least I had an experience of helping those elders person. In my own little way, I helped them with all I could and they really satisfied and enjoyed my service to them.

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Andrea said...

I have seen them here in the US. They are awesome, b/c it allows people to stay in the comfort of their homes...using their upstairs bedrooms and living longer independently.
Blessings, andrea