Dec 17, 2009

cannot decide

As Christmas fast approaching, the more I cannot decide what will be the Christmas gift I can give to my hubby.
I was in the mall today looking for the perfect Christmas gift to my man in life but unfortunately I didn't find something that fit his personality. I was trying to find things that maybe he needs or likes but as I think of him, he don’t need or want something.

I have few choices already so I hope before Christmas I can decide which among those that I can buy for my lovey dovy hubby.

I hope he will like it. He deserves something special from me. It's just me who always received gift from him so this time I will give him the best. Jag älskar dig älskling.


MaryAnneVelasco said...

ay naku Jenny, hirap talagang mamili ng gifts for our partners. but i do hope that you will be able to find the perfect gift for your husband. tiyaga-tiyaga lang... i am sure that he will love whatever it is you are giving to him.

i gave my boyfriend a Nokia N95 Christimas of 2008, this year, di ako makapagdecide kaya siya na pinapili ko. He wanted a specific jacket that can only be ordered from the US. ayun. naorder ko na last week pa. di ako masyadong nahirapan mamili. Buti nalang my boyfriend has something in his wishlist.

ui.. sana kita tayo one day! ingat ka lagi.

Josie said...

I'm sure what ever you choose he will like it, coz he knows it comes from your heart. Happy Holiday!

Wengss said...

Agree, its not easy to find gifts for men. Mahirap. But the good thing, I already bought some x-mas gifts for my hubby, both expensive and non expensive things.

Everytime that hubby got something from me, he a would always like it. Kaya I love giving gifts to him, dahil it always makes us both happy.

I'm sure you can find gift for your hubby too before xmas