Dec 5, 2009

preparing everything

Weekends are my time to watch any kind of film that I want. Sometimes I watched English but since its weekend and this is the only time that I try myself to listen, chat or talk Tagalog so I watch Tagalog movie. I miss watching Tagalog movie so yesterday I watch one.

Did someone ever watch the film 100 of Mylene Dizon? Goshhhh I felt so afraid while watching the film. I’m not afraid because it was horror or bloody film but I was afraid because Myelin’s character has a cancer and will die for few months. Mylene was preparing everything for her death. As in everything...the clothes, coffin, funeral song...everything and she did everything she wanted to do before she would die...

But the ending was not really as I was expecting because the ending was "Mylene still alive and was in the beautiful place, alone.

But in general, the film was very much amazing and fantastic characters. I’m sure I would love to watch it again…hehehe


Misalyn said...

Glad to know that you spent your weekend with things that you love to do.

A blessed Sunday to you.

Mom of Four said...

I don;t like watching movies about dying, it scares the heck out of me..But, that sound like a gret movie, though Mylene Dizon isn't my favorite actress. I always see her as villain, ehehehe!