Dec 2, 2009

right decision?

Today was the last meeting with my SAS A subject (svenska som andra språk) classmates and sad to say that almost 80% of my classmates must repeat this subject next term.

Since I got low score in our first test, I decided directly that I will repeat next semester. My teacher didn't against my decision but instead she said it will be better because I can learn more. But it's the same; I can learn more on next term. But me myself feels that I’m not ready yet to the final and last stage of this important language studying.

Today I took the opportunity to ask again my teacher about my decision. She said if I really want to repeat next term, she will gladly accept me but she made sure that I will stay just few weeks. She will give me test after few weeks and even if I will not pass, she will move me to the last stage and final of this studying language course which is the SAS B.

Do you think guys; I made the right decision of repeating my subject?

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Me said...

good for you...