Dec 1, 2009


It's December 1 and this mean 24 days to go to Christmas and 30 days for new years.
Due to my upcoming national test, I didn't noticed that it's already December and I even forgot to put our little Christmas tree. Last year, I fixed and put our Christmas decorations after my birthday. I was very excited to put our Christmas decorations last year because I knew that we could be with my family in Philippines.
Since I’m still busy of my schooling, I will put our little Christmas tree on Friday. I usually don't have class every Friday so I can fix it. I am very amazed of my family in Philippines because since the month of "ber" started, they have already their Christmas tree.
It will be me and my husband first Christmas together here at home. Our first Christmas together, we were in Berlin and last Christmas was in Philippines. But we're not sure yet if we will just stay here or travel.

Advance Merry Christmas everyone...

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