Dec 4, 2009

skateboards design

I have 2 best friends. One boy and one girl.

When we were still in our teenager’s life, we used to spend our time dancing or singing even if we’re not that good. Of course that was more than 10 years ago.

Just yesterday, I was surprised when my boy best friend paged me through my ym. He was looking at me since 2005 and he said he almost gave up. Just yesterday he met my sister in the hospital. It was really the time that he could get my contact on me.

We were chatting for few hours and seem everything on him changed. He's working as a skateboard designer and very proud of himself that he learned skating and he can skate now.

Of course asking gifts was always in our conversations. I asked him if he could make any design for me. Actually he said, I will give him
longboard skateboards for him to put any designs that I would love to have.I don't know how to skate so I am planning to give him skaters for him to have his own because as of now he doesn’t have his own.

It will be my first gift to him and I hope he will like my simple gift.

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