Dec 9, 2009


I can say that I am a bit of handywoman...hahaha… Because I love to fix things that I feel like doing it.
As you know guys, we bought new set of computer. While my husband was installing our new computer, I made myself busy fixing our computer table. My husband thought I cannot make it because it was seems so difficult to do and little bit heavy woods. But I was very proud saying that I could make it and I could handle the heaviness.
So there I was fixing following the manual and after almost two hours of fixing it, at last I’m done...hehehe but I got mark on my hands (as you can see on the picture).This is not my first time fixing things like this because when we bought our new bookshelf last summer, it was me also who fixed it. My husband said that he couldn't make it because it was heavy as well but as I said, if he could do it, I could do it as well so he let me do it…same as our computer table.

But the results is good and I am satisfied with it...hehehe


Andrea said...

Great looks terrific.
Blessings, andrea

Misalyn said...

Kung kaya ng lalaki kaya rin nating mga babae hehehe..well done sis :)

Risma Hutabarat said... to see your farm on the screen, Jen.. Of course, women can do everything! Good job, sis...

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Wengss said...

Pag sa sweden magawa natin ang di nagawa sa pinas. kahit na sa palagay natin na panglalaki gawin basta kaya lang. Pantay dito walang arte arte.
Good work JEN