Dec 8, 2009

couple's corner #8: Jelousy

I know there are lot of us who are waiting this meme. Seems the week won’t be complete without this Couple's Corner.

Rodliz’s Nest

This week topic is JELOUSY!!!...

Maybe my husband is one of those most jealousy people I ever knew. Gossshhh he's the husband that I cannot even just smile with unknown guys who accidentally smiled at me or even just someone look at me and i look back.

There was one incident when we were in the City and supposedly have Italian lunch buffet but when we was falling in line, a guy who was behind us was asking to me and seems flirting. Of course I was not interested of what he wants. My husband didn't like it so he just quiet and never talk to me. I asked him what happened but he just ignored me and said he lost his appetite and didn't want to eat anymore. So we left the restaurant and went home.

When we came home, still he didn't talk to me so I just quiet also went into our bed room and read. Until 20.00 still he didn't talk to me so I asked him why. Then he told me "why did you talk that guy in the restaurant"? I laughed at loud about it and explained to him.

That was only one situation. He even got jealous if I have football idol or actors crush. Or even if I am chatting with my school mates or someone I know that he don't know. So I am just chatting with my cousins and brothers. No more other guys...hehehe. He don't want me to wear sexy clothes, fit clothes or something that he found sexy. As his reason, guys will look at me and maybe I will fall in love with them...hahahaha... As I told him, whatever clothes I have or whatever, as long as you have trust on me, I will be with you forever and will never cheat or have others. I love you so just give me your trust same as I trust you...

At least now, he minimized little about his jealousy. I know he trust me as I do the same.

They said that if a person get jelous or jelousy, meaning he/she love you so much more than anything else. Happy Couple's Corner everyone.


Mommy Liz said...

Hehehe! mga guys talaga, kaka loka. My husband doesn't me wearing sexy clothes (kaso wla akong sexy clothes) as long as he's with me. Ewan ko nga ba bakit ganyan mga guys. Pero grabe hubby mo ha, kinausap mo lang ang guys sa pila, nagalit na? at nawalan na ng gana? Hubby ko super jealous din, iba iba naman ang mga ugali nila.

Pero tama ka, once they are jealous, meaning they care for us, sana lang wag sobra, kasi minsan nakakasala di ba? para bang wala ka ng pwedeng gawin na gusto mo. Ngapala, selos hubby ko kay Piolo Pascual, pero kay Jet Li hindi. I asked him one time, sabi niya, kasi daw si Jet Li, pangit, kaya di siya nagseselos. Yuk, grabe noh??

I am glad you joined this week. See you again next week. Medyo Christmas muna ang topic natin..

Rossel said...

Sino ba mas seloso guys or girls? or pareho lang?

well, whoever, ang importante e maging ok pa rin ang relationship after. mine is up now.

Clarissa said...

Sobrang seloso pala ang hubby mo dear--gustong ko ring makaranas ng ganyan minsan,yung mild lang ok.^_^

Happy CC!!^_^

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny, your hubbys jealousy ay parang hubby ko rin. Nagseselos pag may guy na tumingin sa ating taglay na kagandahan hehehe. Ganyan na ganyan hubby ko jen kaya nakakainis. Haaay naku, wala namang dapa ipagselos ahhh kakaloka sila ano.

Kim, USA said...

Hi Jen, super selos pala asawa mo tong sa akin walang paki as in trust na trust sa akin same me to him naman. Thanks for sharing...mine is here

Couple's Corner Jealousy

eds said...

hehe normal na ata sa mga lalake yan hano.. at bawal ka magsuot ng sexy clothes kasi nga nman baka meron na nman ngumiti sau.. hihihi..

heres mine >>

anne said...

hehehe grabe naman yan pero alam mo mahal ka lang talaga ng hubby mo kaya ganyan yan

Lina Gustina said...

Jen, your husband is truly your bodyguard! My husband is a jealous person, too

Genefaith said...

he..he..I used to have a friend who doesn't let his wife wear make-up and wear sexy clothes kasi daw baka may magkagusto pa na akin naman buti nga yon may magkagusto sa asawa mo, it's just mean you've chosen a beautiful girl but if papatol na si Mrs. naku di na yan mabuti..he..he..on the other hand jealous hubby could be a nice bodyguard...he..he...

Mine's here:

BTW sis could you help me win sa Artscow photo contest? Here’s the details:

Thanks talaga.