Dec 11, 2009

pets lover

My friend is planning to give her husband an unforgettable gift that he could ever have in his life. Her husband is very much pet lovers and my friend couldn't imagine her husband's life without those pets. Of course his family is the most important to him but since he's a pet lover, my friends accept the fact that pets are part of their family.Since Christmas is fast approaching, and his birthday is coming, my friend is planning to give him a Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog as her gift to her husband. They have some dogs in their house but they don't have this kind of dog which for sure her husband will love it.

My friend searched first about this dog before she decided to buy it and give to his husband. These kinds of dogs are delightful, lively, full of entertainment and always loyal to all family members. And also this kind of dogs can learn very fast and very much nature lover.

I'm sure my friend’s husband will be very happy to receive this gift. I hope he will take care of it and he's taking care of his other pets. Of course I hope he will not forget that he has his family who needs him also.

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