Dec 12, 2009

will be exciting

I was chatting with my sister Marlyn in Cyprus last Sunday and of course I always chat with my family in Philippines almost every day. Marlyn was very excited telling me that she already had her schedule and ticket for her vacation.Marlyn is working in Cyprus for more than two years and even if sometimes she had encountered some trials of her work, she managed and proud to say that she handled everything She is dedicated in everything she's doing...
As I have written in my other blogs about Marlyn, she is a hardworking mommy and very nice and loving sister to all of us. Eldest kasi kaya ganon...hehehe

Back to the main topic...Marlyn will be in Philippines for at least 29 days. She will be spending Christmas, New year, Gina's baby baptism, my mother and brother Elezer's birthday and of course the birthday of her only son Marc.

Sis, I know you're wishing this moment since you started to work and now here it is. Enjoy everything you can do while you're with Marc and all of them in Philippines and just have fun. I'm sure it will be very fun even if it will be expensive...

To our dear brother Dante who is struggling and working so hard in Kuwait for his future, bro just enjoy your holiday season there.. Hoping next Christmas you can be with our family and celebrate with them.

To all my family circle me and Lennart wishing you all the best and Merry Christmas and advance happy new year. I hope we can meet and have our usual boding like before, soon... take care all of you and I love you all very much.

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