Dec 8, 2009

new computer set

As I mentioned in my English test post, I’m not sure of my exam so I felt bad. But as I said even if I felt bad, there was something happened before the end of the day.
I had Math subject after my English yesterday but I just attended one hour in my Math. My husband said that they would pick me up and would go to Computer store.

Around 15.20 they picked me up and went to Computer store. We were with my sister in law and her husband. We were in the computer store for almost an hour. I thought we would just look computers. But when we were about to went out, my husband carried a box of CPU (Central Processing Unit) and said that he would buy it.

I was surprise because we were planning but I thought we wouldn't buy it yet. Deeply, I felt very
happy. Then we went to furniture store and bought computer table. Still I didn't say anything but I’m happy secretly.

We had snack and went home with our computer set and our computer table. My husband installed our new computer and while he was installing I fixed the computer table.

I am very happy because i have another new computer where i can download music more films and games.

Here's our new computer set as an advance Christmas gift to me from my hubby. Tack älskling...


Andrea said...

Congratulations! What a blessing!

PS: You have an award on arise 2 write.

Me said...

early x-mas gift...sweet...!

Happy tuesday

Hanggang kailan nalang pasok mo?
perhaps we could meet one of this day?

got this week and 3working days next weeks..

vi hörs!

Fifi said...

wow! sweet naman ni hubby sis kasi binigyan ka ng computer for christmas! sensya na ha, hindi kita na-add pero na add na rin kita atlast...

Sensya na ngayon lng ako nka-visit kasi I was busy..


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