Dec 17, 2009

swim with the dolphins

As I mentioned here few times, me and my husband will get married again next year. As of now we’re already planning some details particularly our venue and our guest lists.

Just last night we talked about our second honeymoon which my husband wants me to choose a place where we can have fun and meaningful honeymoon. We didn’t really have honeymoon after our wedding in Philippines because I was busy at work and it was happened that my boss from USA was there and my husband was about to go back here in Sweden.

So since this will be our honeymoon, my husband wants me to choose a place for our wedding honeymoon. I suggested some romantic and lovely places that I like and wanted to go. My husband like my suggestions but he asked me if there is any place where we could have fun, do some exciting adventure and maybe something that we never did in our whole life. So of course I suggested something different. As I said “maybe want to
swim with dolphins in the Caribbean for at least twice a day”. We turned into laugh but we both agree with it. Hahaha.

My suggestion about Caribbean was the best choice because my husband loves it and he didn't try to do it before. So hoping it will happen. For sure it will be fun, exciting and memorable time with me, my husband together with the dolphins....

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pdkamath said...

Hey it is really a fantastic and brave idea to repeat marriage rituals with your husband and I like this one very much. And I think this is a crazy idea also. All the best.