Dec 14, 2009

results of my exams

Today was the day that we would know the results of our exams and luckily I did pass all my exams.

As usual English subject was my first subject today and as usual I went to school early because I thought we would have something important to do. We started our class little bit late due to some "Santa Lucia celebration. When our teacher came into our room, she had just our text papers and distributed to all who are there.

As I saw my papers, I couldn't believe that I pass all our exams. It was divided into 3 parts and all was passing (Godkänd). It was not really a high score but I’m still thankful at least I passed it. It was so confusing exams so I really thought I couldn’t make it.

I did also exam on my mathematic last week. I did two part of exam. Percent and graphics chapters and I’m very proud that I just made one mistake to my percent part and two to my graphics. Meaning I am very much well pass (Väl godkänd).

All in all, I’m really thankful to God at least I pass all the exams and even if I will repeat my Swedish subject (maybe few weeks only) next term, still I am happy and satisfied.


Wengss said...

congratulation Jen.

Andrea said...

Congratulations and GOD Bless,

Me said...

Grattis Jenny...karon naka-pagpahinga ka na...when can we meet and eat some KFC sa nordstan....?

teJan said...

wee..grattis kompis! so ala ka nang klase?

Anney said...

Yehey! Congrats Jenny!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jenny. I'm sure you can enjoy the holiday season now. For all this exam stuffs have gone :)

Misalyn said...


Burger! burger! burger! :-)

Happy Holidays.

maricar said...

Congratulations! i believe you really did ;)