Dec 10, 2009

bedroom furnitures

My husband's keep on complaining about all the furniture that I put in our bedroom. I don’t know why but I love all the furniture that I put there but unfortunately my husband didn't really like. He said that he will take out all the furniture in our bedroom and replace contemporary bedroom furniture so that it will be new and maybe more available space for us to move on.So that he will not say something more, I just keep my mouth shut and just suggesting things that maybe he will agree or like. Without my expectations, he asked me what kind of designer furniture I want in our bedroom. As my surprised, I just said, it's up to him and he will decide everything because maybe if I will help him deciding our new furniture maybe our bedroom will full again or maybe I will just suggest unusual furniture.

So as of now, he's trying his best choosing the best furniture and so far I like all. Good luck to him and I hope will be furnished soon.

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