Dec 8, 2009

english test

I wasn't able to post yesterday due to my bad feelings
I had whole day in school yesterday. It was my English national test yesterday and gossshhhh???... In our usual day, we used to write letters, book reports, summarizations and etc. but yesterday's test was absolutely different from all what we've done.

It was the second part of our national test. Last week was our writing part and it was about traveling. It was quite difficult but yesterday was totally unexplainable. Difficult and maybe short of time and very much confusing. We had reading and answering the questions but it was so much confusing that took lot of time to think about. Then our listening part...gossshhh it was so fast and United Kingdom English so it was so slung and it was read only once. We didn't have time to look back our answers because time was finish and we must submit our papers.

All I can say is, my test yesterday was catastrophe. I hope I will pass it but as my teacher said, only few students who need to repeat next term.
I hope i am not one of them...

But even if i felt bad yesterday about my exam, i am happy in some other way. Do you want to know what makes me happy? It will be on my next post. Have a good day everyone…


Nanaybelen said...

Be positive. You will get a good result of the examination

Andrea said...

You have an award on arise 2 write.

MaxiVelasco said...

oh.. i hope you did well jenny. no worries. kaya mo iyan!

what english test did you take? the English A or English B or yung nasa SAS level? dami kasing English levels eh. kakalito.

but i know you can do it!