Dec 18, 2009

helpful pawnshop

There will a solution in every problem so don't think about giving up if problem are with it or seems no solutions.

As I was still in Philippines and working so hard to survive our daily expenses, still I couldn’t avoid of encountering unexpected problems. As I remember, problems always comes when it was almost end of the month and that was mean that my money was just budgeted until my next salary.

I had few pairs of jewelries and almost all of them were in the pawnshops. There are lots of jewelry pawnshop who accepted any kind of jewelries but only few who accepted just all gold. I used to do
Cash for gold for some of my gold jewelry before especially if I really needed.

One of my necklace was pawn for almost the whole month of my salary and seems was very difficult to get it back but at least I managed to save money and got it and all my other jewelries from different pawnshops.

Pawnshops are really helpful when it comes to barrowing or pawning things for an amount of money.

I didn't buy my jewelries but I pawn it. It was gifts from my sister, my parents, friends and my boss.

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