Dec 25, 2009

our Christmas party

I haven’t able to post for two days due to busy schedules I had with my family here in Sweden.Last 23 (Wednesday) me and my husband went to my in-laws house and celebrated our family Christmas together. We started at 5 pm until around midnight. It was lots of fun. It was my first Christmas with them. It was lots of Swedish Christmas traditional foods.

My sister in-law cooked and prepared all the foods and it was all delicious. It was my first time I saw their Swedish traditional foods. Of course I saw some foods but I was not aware that it’s Christmas foods. It was not the same in Philippines but I love it.
After eating, we chatted while some visitors drinking. Since I never drink alcohol, I just had drunk glasses of water...hehehe. While chatting, drinking and teasing each other it was time to open gifts. Opening of gifts is same procedure and way in Philippines so I just imagined that I was in Philippines opening gifts together with my family.

So that was it...Me and my husband went home. It was a lovely and happy Christmas party with them. I Know that my family here in Sweden is someone I can count on anytime same as my family in Philippines. They're all my loving and nice family.

Merry Christmas to all... May you have a prosperous and happy Christmas.


Me said...

It´s a swedish tradition talaga ang inyo pasko perfect di ba,,,,?
peace and calm is the flavour of swedish christmas and lot´s of "julklappar och mat" hehehehe!

ha en fortsatt lugn och skön jul helg med din älskling...


JETTRO said...

hi merry xmass din sa iyo salamat sa pagbisita mo sana maging masaya ka diyan kasama ng iyong pamilya god bless you