Dec 11, 2009

my laptop problem

As you know guys, we just bought our new set of computer and so far I really like and love it. Of course I am still adjusting everything on it because our new computer is very much bigger than my laptop. The size of our screen is 23" and my laptop is only 10.1". Not even half size…heheheSometimes I am still using my laptop since I have all my documents and important files there. Just the other day, I found out that the screen of my laptops has a little problem. When I open it, I must push hard so that my background picture will show because if I will not do it, I will just see white screen. So we decided to bring it to the store where we bought it. There is warranty on it so they can fix it but we don’t know how long.

This is really bad timing because I really need my laptop next week which is my last week of schooling. I need badly my laptop and I don't even want to barrow my husband's laptop because is heavier and bigger than mine. So since I don’t want his laptop, he said I could rent. He knows that there are
laptop rentals where I can rent any laptops that I want.

I hope I can do it before the day that I do really need a laptop.

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Maria Jewel said...

Well one of the most irritating things :d: to happen to me is when i need to present my report to my boss and my laptop suddenly stopped working. I dont know what kind of laptop problem my machine had but thankfully to some self help blogs i found in the internet i was able to solve my problem.