Jan 29, 2010

CC: Have I Told You Lately that, I LOVE YOU?

First and foremost, I would like to ask an apology to the owner of this interesting and wonderful meme, RodLiz of RodLiz's Nest. I’m so sorry Liz for just posting this week entry very late. But as someone say, it's better late than nothing. I was very fully loaded of my school assignments and works and I will be like this maybe until May.

Back to the main topic. This week’s topic is "Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU"...Yes I do I always do...hehehe

Rodliz’s Nest

Since the day (the night) that me and my husband started our relationships, I LOVE YOU’S was already there. Until when we got married, I love you's was still there until now and until forever.

Yes it's true...I LOVE YOU for me and my husband is always part of our conversations, parting ways, on the phone, text, etc. He love and always say I love you to me wherever we are or whatever we do... Sometimes I found it corny and too much but my husband uses to it and love it...

In our daily life, me and my husband always look each other eyes, with hugs, kisses and saying our magical words I LOVE YOU. I love it and I don’t want to stop saying I love to my one and only LOVE, Lennart...

I love you is sometimes like a nonsense words but deeply in our hearts, I love you is just a three letter words with very magical meaning.

Happy weekend everyone…


Mom of Four said...

OMG! super duper LOVE ang namamagitan sa inyo ni Lennart. There are some people that don't say it often but they show their love in different ways, but, each of us has preference on the way we show love. You and your hubby love to say I LOVE YOU, because you both want to express your feelings thru words.

Don't worry about being late, like what you say, better late than never. We miss your entry and I always love reading your love story. Take care and have a great weekend.

lolit said...

this is a sweet post i love it, this is so inspiring. thank u for sharing this one.