Jan 1, 2010

changes for new year

As you can see guys, I changed my template “again” through the kindness of everybody's friend David Funk. I was really irritated today trying to change my template. Me and Laikka tried to do it ourselves but still we weren’t able to success. So tejan asked favor to David for Laikka's template and it’s done. So I asked favor to David also…hehehe
It's New Year so I’m trying to change everything into new and maybe put some changes of my blog since Mr. Google got some of my page rank.

To my very good friend David, thank you, thank you so much for always helping me. You know how thankful I/we to have a friend like you. To some of my friends that are not in my list now, please message me so that I can add you guys again…

By the way guys, do you have New Year’s resolutions? I have few but I will write it on my next post.
Happy new year and welcome 2010.


_ice_ said...

Love the changes.. im actually trying not to change anything, coz if im going to plan for changing im sure it wont happen, and i know if changes happen it comes out naturally u wont notice it but others do, they will inform you.. hehehehe

By the way guys, do you have New Year’s resolutions? - naku Wala ako nyan.. im trying to stay as sweet as i am, (nyakksss)

Hey Happy new year...

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

happy new year..this is also a nice template..

Wengss said...

hello Jen,
you are always lucky that you have a good friends that sorrounds you.

Happy new year from all of us here.

Wengss said...

haha jen,
mura man tag nagdomot hehe. yes hopefully magkita ta ds year mura man tag nagpuyo layo kaayo the same country ra diay. basin diay this year meet unya ta hehe.

David Funk said...

You're most welcome my friend. I have to admit it was kind of funny how the favor thing went down..hehehe.

Anyway, glad you like the new template my friend!

Happy 2010!

Risma Hutabarat said...

This template looks great, Jen. I especially love the embedded mode of this comment box. Great! Keep blogging... :h:


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