Jan 16, 2010

Condolence to her family

Last January 4, I posted here about the Aunt Mel of my very good friend Andrea. She was rushed into hospital due to pneumonia sickness. Andrea asked for prayers for her aunt and her aunt's family. Putting the logo in your blog was their way of helping them praying.

Pray for Mary

On Andrea's blog, she posted this:

This morning, Aunt Mary, known by family as Aunt Mel left the pains of this world and stepped gracefully into eternity. She lived a full 99 3/4 years. She taught school in Spartanburg County for "many" years with phenomenal impact on those who crossed her path. After years of hard work, great times with family and friends, sickness and loss of her husband, parents, and siblings, Aunt Mel rests peacefully in her Heavenly Father's arms. She joins a reunion unlike any earthly reunion and celebrates the greatest victory in life.


Our condolences to Aunt Mel's family and to all her love one. She's now in Heaven with God and there, everything is peaceful, happy and no pains..

Hope her family will be alright despite of everything..

God bless and continue praying for everybody...

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Mom of Four said...

My deepest sympathy to your friend Andrea. But, now Aunt Mel is at peace..