Jan 27, 2010

i'm fully loaded

As usual my day today was still fully loaded and couldn't even think of myself.

I had my studieteknik (study technique) and local democrati (local democracy) today and these subjects are helpful in any way of my study and in the society.In my study technique, we had an activity where we could or should find a technique on how to understand and read fast and how many words we could read in a minute. It was little stressing actually but we saved the bell...hahaha... So instead we have it as our assignments.

In my local democracy we should suggest any thing for the goodness of our school. Any activities, activities for the students and anything that has sense and can be more progressive in our school. Another stressful activity and as usual save by the bell...hehehe. So meaning, more assignments...

And tomorrow I have my sämhallskunkap (Society knowledge) which we must report about Socialism... So as of now, I’m preparing and studying my report using power point.

But I will not miss this day without blogging so here I am just to post. Sorry again to all my visitors and friends who I haven’t visit for few days already. Visit you guys soon. Good night

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