Jan 27, 2010

her schooling

Our youngest sister is still in school for her nursing course. She’s now on her second year and she can graduate on March if she wants to just study for two years but that course that she's taking now is for years so she can continue also.

As we thinking of our economy finance for her, it will take and we will spend many thousands for her school. But we can support her if she wants to continue.

Just few days ago, she decided to not to take her certificate or diploma on March graduations instead she will continue her schooling for another 2 years. So the problem now is where will live and continue he schooling since my mother will go home to province. My mother is wondering if she or we could find a
Student Accomodation in Leeds for our nursing students.

In anyhow, we know we can find a place for her. Just try to search and find the best place where she can concentrate and study well anytime. And a place where we don’t need to worry about her safety, people surrounds her and the surroundings.

Hope she will reach her goal to become a nurse and find her dream job. Good luck.

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