Jan 4, 2010


My best friend is currently living in an area where she said it will be a perfect place to put up a business. She already inquired a good place for her planning business. She already has her idea of what kind of business it will be and she even has already the name.

Of course planning and building a business is not that easy. She said, it very much works. She must have the presentation about her business, must have also some commercials about it and some offer to start her business.

Just few days ago, she went to fix her logo. She went to
Construction Logos and asked on what will be the perfect and fit logo for her business. She wants to be simple and attractive. She even wants the logo on her business into her staff t-shirts.

So as of now, she almost done everything on her business. She will open her new business on the first week of February. As of now she just waits her logo examples.

She really hopes everything will turn out well since this business of her is name after our friendship name.

Wishing you good luck friend. For sure it will turn out well.

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