Jan 5, 2010

decorative hooks

I am looking for the good quality of hooks that we can put in our new family house. I want to have different kind of decorative hooks for the different part of our lovely family house.

I want to have a hook where we can put hanging plants. That hooks that are removable so that we can move it if we want to.

One thing also that I want hooks is to add decorations in our house because at least it will not take place. It will be just on the wall and can be move also to somewhere else.

Our main living room is little bit big but it's almost full of furniture so I want to put
metal wall hooks where we can hanger some paintings, big frames or maybe inside hanging plants also.

So as of now, I’m just looking and trying to find the best hooks for our best house that our family built it. I hope also that all the things that we will put in the hooks that I choose will fit and good decorations in our house and can capture attractions.

Hope all our plan and wants in our family house will come true. We love to see the fruits of our sacrifices to build and wish come true house. I know that wherever our father now, he's happy of the results of our house that he wanted before he dies.

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