Jan 8, 2010

happy Birthday Bro

Just yesterday was my mother's 50th birthday.

As I posted to my other blog, "happy Birthday bro" about my brother Elezer's birthday.

Yes it is... It's another birthday celebrations in our family and there will be more coming soon.
Tomorrow here in Sweden or today in Philippines, January 09 is the birthday of my first brother Elezer. You want to know more about Elezer's personality since he was a kid until now? Then click my other blog where I am writing about the way family can be. There you will know on what kind of person and life Elezer has.

Again, I wish my brother Elezer a very happy birthday. May he have many more birthdays to come and more success in his family life, business and his carrier.

I love you bro and I hope to see you again soon. Hoping also that we can have bonding again, all of us... I miss you and take care. Hugs and kisses to you and your family.

Enjoy your day and have fun.

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to both your mom and brother.