Jan 12, 2010

CC #13: He made me really angry!

This week topic of Couple's Corner is "He made me really angry". I never been angry to my husband but in some points I got disappointed.
Rodliz’s Nest

Actually in almost 3 years of being married with my husband, me myself NEVER get really angry to him. As I said to my last post of Couple's Corner, he have some annoying habits that make me very much irritating but it never comes to the points that I make really angry. Irritating and angry is not the same so I cannot call my irritating moments to him as angriness.

Maybe on his part, he got really angry to me but I don’t want to ask him because I know that it will just feel me bad or cry in some points so I better not ask.

I don’t know if I was really angry in one moment of our first few months as girlfriend/boyfriend relationship. It was when we were in my province to attend my brother Elezer's wedding. Before flying to province, we agreed and planned everything in that particular day. Everything was ready in my brother's wedding but the last minutes my boyfriend (husband now) changed his mind and didn't want to follow us in the church. Instead he would just stay in the hotel where I booked his inn.

It made very much upset and disappointed but I never force him to follow us. After the wedding, the next day he went back to Manila 3 days earlier that our supposedly flight together back to Manila.

That’s the only time that I got angry to him but not really, really, really angry...hehehe

Happy couple's corner couples and have fun.


Mom of Four said...

Not really really angry huh. Well, in some point in your married life, time will come that you might feel angry or mad, but it will pass and it will help your relationship gets stronger. I got mad with husband many times, but I didn't come to a point where I will leave and not come back. Being mad is normal, I made him mad too, lots of times, but we always forgive each other.

Don't be scared to voice out your concern, don't just hide what you feel, tell him, that way, you understand each other's needs.

Thanks for joining our CC this week. Have a great day to you and your hubby.

anne said...

hehehe hi girl, liz is right theres nothing wrong to voice out our feelings because through that it would help us to put a strong foundation to our relationship/

kathy said...

I agree with Mom of Four.. Being angry to each other is part of a marriage... But it's good that you're not easy to get angry...

Salamat sa visit jen... And happy anniversary in your blog...




Chie Wilks said...

agree with sis Liz, voicing out what we feel towards our partner can help the is indeed normal to fight sa married...pero lahat naman napag-uusapan..after ng away eh mgbabati rin...

baili said...

wow amazing post being married from eighteen years all i can say that being angry at each other in married life becomes just normal part of it ,i liked your blog and writing take care

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

sometimes we get angry talaga..isiwalat kung anuman iyon para humupa ang pagkainis o galit..hehe..