Jan 11, 2010

she's two months already

Yesterday was our angel (Gina's baby) Aquinnah 2nd months birthday. As usual they had a small celebration and had some foods in the table for her birthday.
Before my sister Marlyn go back to Cyprus on January 18, they're planning to have Aquinnah's baptism. Since Gina's husband is not there (he's in Singapore), Marlyn and the rest of our family who are beside Gina will help Gina to prepare and have the baby baptize before Gina and her baby fly to Singapore to be with her husband.
Happy 2nd months baby Quin-quin. Godfather Lennart and me love you much. Hope to see you soon...


Andrea said...

She is adorable!!
Blessings, andrea

teJan said... in makita na jud iya ka cutie..heheh! hmmm... grattis lilla gumman!! mmmwaaah! good girl ha! di manondog ni ate laikka:) hehe