Jan 4, 2010

my family's holidays

My sister Marlyn sent me some of their pictures last Christmas and New Year.

Even if we're not together (as usual) last Christmas, still we tried our best to be happy in those particular occasions.Christmas day, around 12 midnight in Philippines and 5 pm here in Sweden, me and my husband ate our julafton mat (Christmas foods). While eating my hubby told me to start the laptop and views my family in Philippines. Yes I did and I viewed them. They were eating same as me and hubby. We were viewing also our brother in Kuwait who just came home from work and he didn't even have one food for Christmas. He said there was no holiday there. He just work and work even if Christmas and New Year... poor brother.

So was it... we were chatting and eating our foods in Christmas Eve. New Year was not really as I was expecting... As usual we started our computer and page them but unfortunately I didn't view them. All of them were busy... My mother was taking care of Gina's baby and the rest was outside watching and looking for the amazing and unbelievable fireworks outside their gate. So while I was sending messages to them, they didn't reply me...huhuhu so I knew already where they were. Same as we did last year when me and my husband spent holidays in Philippines.

But then everything was happy and we're all happy... Happy New Year to my family.


Misalyn said...

.....And happy New Year to you Jen.

Thanks for sharing your family's holiday celebration.

Have a nice day.

teJan said...

You will be used to it my friend, I mean celebrating holidays apart but near at heart..heheh! Keep smiling:)

PinayWAHM said...

All the best in 2010!

Mommy J

Maxi said...

hello Jenny. ganun talaga if we are living away from our families... daming sacrifices.

i also miss my family a lot.

happy new year!

Risma Hutabarat said...
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Risma Hutabarat said...

I love the food session. The table looks full (lol)

Have a nice day, dear

Bambie dear ★ said...

Happy New year =) ang saya saya naman dyan..

Bambie dear ★ said...

by the way, i added you na po on my both blogger blogs =) please add naman my fabbielous blog =) ill visit again..

*josie* said...

Happy New Year Jen, it's happier talaga when you are with the whole family, mas masaya yata talaga Christmas here in the Phil. than anywhere in the world. Anyways, you are with your loved, so it's happier pa din.